TransRoad: USA

Manage your very own logistics company, discover the complex world of cross-country haulage and keep the US economy up and running!

Published 17/11/09


Manage your very own logistics company, discover the complex world of cross-country haulage and keep the US economy up and running! In this exciting new management simulation game by Deck13 Hamburg you will start out as the owner of a small logistics company and cleverly employ all of your managerial skills to lead your business to success. Have you ever wanted to found a company in Kansas City?

Or are you more the Vegas type? Whether you prefer the Rocky Mountains or New York feel free to live the American Dream on the realistic map of TransRoad USA. Choose a headquarter in one of 37 real US cities, buy your first trucks and trailers and hire some drivers. Find the best contracts and the best route combinations to avoid unladen journeys and work to your clients’ satisfaction. You know that trust is maybe the most important good in business? You would like to form a close - and gainful - relationship with your customers? In TransRoad USA building a good reputation with a great variety of clients all across the USA is the key to success. Deliver orders in time and manage special requests to build up trust and gain access to the real big transport contracts.

One US truck is not enough for you? So, how about 100? Manage your growing truck fleet with dozens of vehicles and trailers and send them across the whole USA. Be smart in assigning the right trucks to contracts, avoid unladen journeys and make the real big money! Unlock new types of goods by buying trailer concessions and aquire new clients. Connect key industries with their suppliers in a complex simulated economy. You thought that you had finally mastered your business? But are you prepared for the upcoming economic crisis in the automotive sector? TransRoad USA will simulate economical KPIs like markets and prices and will always come up with a new event to surprise you. Challenge accepted?


• Complex company management: Buy and sell trucks and trailers, hire and fire drivers, develop and expand your marketing department and run campaigns, buy trailer concessions, take out and pay back loans, review statistics, and more

• Truck management: Buy, sell and maintain trucks. Flexibly combine trucks, trailers and drivers to fulfill contracts • Plan the routes of your trucks

• Be strategically smart when it comes to placing your trucks on contracts to avoid unladen journeys and deliver the ordered goods on time

• Trailers for heavier loads need more powerful trucks - decide wisely between two-, three- or even four-axle trucks

• Create an order schedule and continue it to infinity - your trucks will never get off the road

• Complex order and customer relations management

• Many unique clients with several sub-offices

• Gain positive reputation for timely delivered orders to unlock larger, more attractive contracts and special requests

• 7 different trailer types which can be unlocked by buying new trailer concessions • Deliver orders in time or suffer painful penalties

• Special orders bring a lot of money and reputation but are difficult to handle

• Earn the full trust of a customer to unlock profitable recurring orders

• Simulation of economic cycles give you the impression of being part of a vital economy (gas prices, transport prices etc.)

• Random events - advantageous or adverse - will keep you on your feet

• Meet your opponents - on the map and in the statistics

• A business magazine to inform you about important news (like your rank in the list of the most successful US trucking companies)

• Realistic USA map with more than 37 cities and 19 famous landmarks

• Highly recognizable 3D environment with realistic topography

• Freely zoomable map - from full US overview to a close-up of your truck

• Watch your trucks driving through the 3D US scenery with the follower cam

• Three game modes: Campaign, Sandbox and Quest mode

• Achievements


Product Information
  • EAN: 4041417640300
  • Product ID: 64030
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Platform: PC + Mac
  • Developer: Deck13 Hamburg