TransRoad: USA

Headquarters and depots

Moenchengladbach, July 25, 2017 – During the last part of the feature introduction series of TransRoad: USA fans of management simulation games could take a first look into the clients and contracts of the new game by Deck13 Hamburg and astragon Entertainment which will be released in fall 2017. Today, we will take a look at an aspect absolutely indispensable when it comes to successfully running a logistics company: the headquarters and depots.

Every nationwide business of course needs a head office. In the quest and sandbox modes of TransRoad: USA the player can freely choose which of the 37 US cities will be the base of his headquarters. An important criteria in both modes is the choice of the first trailer concession at the very beginning of the game, as not every city is home to clients offering contracts for all trailer types. This is also a good reason for not only taking a closer look at the company location itself, but also its immediate surroundings. This is the only way of ensuring that there will be enough contracts available for the chosen trailer - especially in the challenging first time after the company’s initial founding.

After its establishment, the headquarters starts playing a dual role: It is on one hand the first depot of the player, where he can freely combine trucks, trailers and their drivers. In later expansion stages the player will also be able to use it for maintenance and so save quite some money in comparison to outside garages. It is also possible to expand the depot bit by bit to offer more parking slots to the growing truck fleet. As soon as the cargo network is being cast wider and the truck’s routes become longer and longer, it will be beneficial to open strategically located additional depots, which can also be further expanded by the hauler.

The headquarters’ second capacity lies of course in the actual management of the company. It is here that all important information comes together. The player can take a look at his current rank, owned trailer concessions, the company’s cash flow, the status of his rivals and clients as well as the current transport price levels. From here he can also get in touch with the banks to take out, extend or pay back a loan. In the driver menu the hauler will not only find the applications of future employees, but also a general overview over all drivers in his employ, their salaries and licenses. Should he feel the need to fire a driver this menu is also the place to go.

Because a business owner cannot rely solely on word-to-mouth advertising, when it comes to his reputation and the acquisition of new contracts, he can also use the headquarters’ marketing department to start and manage effective advertising campaigns for TV, radio, newspapers, internet and billboards.

All players who would love to take the helm of a logistics company in TransRoad: USA can look forward to the game’s release on PC and Mac in fall 2017.