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TruckSimulation 16

Take control of one of nine realistic trucks and carry out supply contracts across a large road network in Western and Central Europe.

Published 15/11/25


In TruckSimulation 16 you will be able to take true-to-life control of one of nine realistic trucks. Start out with a rickety old clunker and earn your first coins through a great variety of supply contracts across a large road network in Western and Central Europe. Use these funds to purchase better trucks, such as five faithfully reproduced MAN tractor units!

Diverse mission types, from standard orders to the transportation of hazardous goods, provide plenty of variety. Select the right trailer for one of eight different categories of goods: transport bulky goods using the wood semitrailer or groceries with the frozen trunk-semitrailer. The road network of TruckSimulation 16 covers vast parts of Central and Western Europe and, with more than 20 cities complete with realistic landmarks, provides unlimited driving pleasure along familiar highways.

If you complete your journeys with care and in a timely manner, you will receive bonuses to invest in your company – within the management menu you can employ new workers, who will be able to carry out contracts for your company and bring in money for new vehicles and trailers. Have you amassed a small fortune? Then treat yourself to the faithfully-reproduced Team Hahn racing truck by the several-time European champion and hurtle along Europe's highways in a real racing truck.

Will you become the biggest player in European logistics?


  • 9 realistic trucks Faithfully reproduced tractor units licensed by MAN
  • Real racing truck by Team Hahn
  • 8 different trailers for 8 different categories of goods
  • Huge road network realistically modeled on vast parts of Central and Western Europe
  • More than 20 cities and their landmarks
  • Even more realism, thanks to the cockpit view and faithfully modeled MAN fittings
  • Comprehensive management system: hire drivers and build garages in different cities to expand your empire



iOS Version 

8.1 iPhone®: 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus

iPad®: 3, 4, Air, Air 2, Mini 2, Mini 3, Pro

Required space: 425 MB


Version 4.1.1 or newer

Processor with 1,4 GHz & 1 GB RAM or more

Required space: 350 MB

Product Information
  • EAN: 4041417110056
  • Product ID: 11005
  • Genre: Mobile Game
  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Developer: kunst-stoff