Construction Simulator 2

astragon and weltenbauer. reveal new setting

Moenchengladbach/Germany, June 22, 2016 – True to the game’s motto GET TO WORK. publisher astragon Entertainment GmbH and developer weltenbauer. Software Entwicklung GmbH are happy to reveal the new setting of Construction Simulator 2 today. The fictional US state of Westside Plains, inspired by the Californian West Coast, will offer a great variety of attractions to the player. Today’s game world trailer will take virtual builders on a first tour of their future domain.

The trailer shows a huge game world of approximately 7.5 km² (2.9 mi²). Westside Plains will be divided into four bigger areas, which can be unlocked bit by bit by the player as he progresses in his career. Earnings from successful construction projects will enable builders to expand their vehicle fleet and - with a diverse choice of true to the original construction vehicles and machines - make their very own American Dream come true.

Tim Schmitz, Head of Products astragon Entertainment: “We are about to discover a whole new world with this fresh scenario and are convinced that our fans will also be very happy to explore. Already in this stage of development the scope and visual appearance of Construction Simulator 2 make me go wow with every new start of the game.”

René Nold, CEO weltenbauer. Software Entwicklung: “On the basis of the Unity 5 engine we will produce the biggest and best looking Construction Simulator for mobile platforms to date. We are sure that judging from the optical standpoint and the aspired degree of detail it will become the best construction simulation for mobile devices on the market.”

The scenery of Westside Plains has been designed not only with a great love for detail but shows itself to be quite diverse: Next to down-and-out places, flourishing small towns, bustling metropolises and lonely canyons the player will be able to find lots of optical treats such as vast American highways, the iconic suburban diner, scruffy trailer parks, lively malls and much more. Welcome to the USA!

About Construction Simulator 2:

Construction Simulator 2 is scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of 2016. It is the consistent further development of Construction Simulator 2014, the most popular and successful app of astragon Entertainment GmbH with more than five million downloads in the Apple® App Store® and on Google Play™. The large vehicle fleet of Construction Simulator 2 will offer players access to lots of true to the original construction vehicles by Cat®, LIEBHERR® and other official licensing partners.

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