Firefighting Simulator

Firefighting Simulator Showroom presents the Rosenbauer T-Rex™

Moenchengladbach/Germany, September 1, 2017 – Firefighting fans can now gain some brand-new, exciting insights into Firefighting Simulator, a new simulation game currently in development for PC: astragon Entertainment and developer Chronos Unterhaltungssoftware were proud to present the Firefighting Simulator Showroom.

The showroom can be downloaded free of charge from Steam™ and will grant technophile players the chance to discover the easily most impressive vehicle of the game: the Rosenbauer T-Rex™. The Rosenbauer T-Rex™ fire truck is equipped with a combination of telescopic and articulating boom as well as a powerful CAN-bus electronic system. The latter allows firefighters to set the stabilizers, raise the aerial 115’ in the air and rotate 90° in less than 95 record-breaking seconds. Its solid construction, multiple compartments and the reliable Commander chassis back up the versatility of this impressive emergency vehicle.

With the help of the Firefighting Simulator Showroom players can now carefully examine the T-Rex™ from different angles and perspectives. In addition to various stationary camera positions, small camera pans will offer an interesting sneak peek at this imposing fire truck and its many possibilities in Firefighting Simulator.

The Firefighting Simulator Showroom is now available on Steam™ free of charge.

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