Fishing: North Atlantic

New location in Nova Scotia brings historic harbours and idyllic landscapes to the game

Moenchengladbach/Germany, September 19, 2019 – Canada, ahoy! Virtual fishermen will soon be able to leave the shores of Northern Norway and discover new coasts in the Canadian Maritime Province of Nova Scotia in Fishing: North Atlantic. The successor to the popular simulation game Fishing: Barents Sea by astragon Entertainment and Misc Games will be released in 2020 and provide fans of the series with new harbours and the impressive, vast scenery of Nova Scotia.

Beautiful coasts, idyllic landscapes, historic fishing villages – these characteristics not only make the province of Nova Scotia so unique and attractive to visitors from across the globe, they will also feature prominently in Fishing: North Atlantic to give players an impressive, new environment to explore. Developer Misc Games puts special emphasis on authentically designing the new Canadian game environment, so that the atmosphere, nature and architecture of Nova Scotia will be displayed as realistically and naturally as possible in the upcoming game.

The player’s journey out onto the Atlantic Sea starts off the coast of the important fishery and ferry harbour of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. A huge variety of fish species in the surrounding waters as well as its location right in the heart of the largest lobster fishing area world-wide make Yarmouth a profitable fishery hot spot not only in real life but also in Fishing: North Atlantic. Historical buildings and Victorian town houses also attract numerous visitors each year which makes tourism another key business of the town. This is the reason why players of Fishing: North Atlantic will also encounter the huge passenger ferry KAT at the harbour of Yarmouth. She serves as a significant tourism connection between the US and Canada.

Pam Mood, Town of Yarmouth Mayor, is delighted that Yarmouth will be part of Fishing: North Atlantic: “We are excited to see our amazing fishing community of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia featured in Fishing: North Atlantic. Fishing in Yarmouth is not just an industry it’s a way of life. We have a proud and storied tradition of seafaring. When MISC Games contacted us about their plans to make Yarmouth the starting port of the Canadian version of their very successful game series, we were tremendously excited! The coastline of Atlantic Canada features many wonderful fishing villages, so to be recognized in this manner is a special honour. The Town of Yarmouth wishes to thank MISC Games for involving our community and helping secure our place on the world map with this unique opportunity.”

After exploring the starting harbour of Yarmouth, players can embark on a journey to discover the many other new realistic harbours of Nova Scotia in Fishing: North Atlantic. Along their way they will happen upon lots of rich fishing grounds for some lucrative catch. After reaching the harbours they will be able to sell their haul and buy new equipment as well as new ships, before heading out to the Atlantic Ocean past the dreamy coastlines of Nova Scotia.

Fishing: North Atlantic will be released 2020. More information about platforms, features and more to follow soon.