Take Off - The Flight Simulator Release

New flight simulation from astragon Entertainment is now available for mobile devices.

Moenchengladbach/Germany, June 9, 2016 – “You’re cleared for take-off“: astragons new flight simulation Take Off – The Flight Simulator is prepared to execute a precision landing in the Apple® App Store ℠ and on Google Play® today. For 2.99 Euro/2.99 USD/ 1.99 GBP virtual hobby and professional pilots alike will be able to conquer the skies on their iPhones®, iPads® and Android™ devices.

A comprehensive tutorial guarantees a successful start into the virtual piloting career, explaining all gameplay functions and the game controls to beginners and advanced players alike.

After these first steps the player will be able to explore the eight large main islands of Hawaii in the open world of the free-flight mode. Challenging campaign missions such as transport tasks, tourist flights, dramatic rescue missions and gripping emergency landings also wait to be mastered on the famous archipelago.

By completing these tasks the player will be able to earn additional flight licenses, which will give him access to more and more planes from the game’s pool of 14 different aircraft. All planes – including their cockpits - have been carefully modelled after real-life aircraft.

As the player advances through the game he will also unlock the management mode of Take Off – The Flight Simulator. Here he can find his own airline and send his planes across the globe to 21 airports of famous destinations such as Frankfurt am Main, Moscow, New York or Sidney. Starts and landings by his very own hand included!

All planes starting with the small single-engined light aircraft to giant jumbo passenger jets can be controlled via virtual joystick, slider or motion control – including takeoffs and landings. Something that in adverse weather conditions will be a challenge even to veteran pilots.

Additional to the 3D cockpit view, several other camera angles will make sure that the player will not miss out on any of the breathtaking landscapes during his flights.

Take Off – The Flight Simulator is available now for 2.99 Euro/2.99 USD/1.99 GBP in the Apple® App Store ℠ and on Google Play™.

For more news and updates please visit us at:

www.takeoff-mobile.com or www.facebook.com/TakeOffSim

Official trailer (English): youtu.be/kTSbmJrX-BA

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