TransRoad: USA

Game modes: quest and sandbox

Moenchengladbach/Germany, October 10, 2017 – In their latest news item about TransRoad: USA Deck13 Hamburg and astragon Entertainment offered players a first impression of the upcoming management simulation game’s campaign mode. Today they would like to take the opportunity to introduce two more game modes: quest and sandbox. TransRoad: USA will be released for PC and Mac on November 9, 2017.

In contrast to the campaign mode, the gameplay of the quest and sandbox modes will not follow a fixed narrative strand but leave it up to the player which tactical and economical decisions he would like to make when it comes to establishing and expanding his business venture. One of the first steps to make in both modes will be the selection of the company’s initial trailer license. All three initially available licenses – dry van, reefer or dump trailer – come with their individual pros and cons which the player should carefully consider. This includes aspects such as different order volumes, payments, fixed costs, purchase prices and nationwide customer distribution. The sandbox mode also lets the player configure his game after his personal needs and wants - for example when it comes to things like truck prices, the volume of contractual penalties or the frequency of license checks.

The next choice that awaits the young entrepreneur is where to build the headquarters of his trucking company. While in the campaign mode the player always starts out in Augusta/Maine, he will be spoilt for choice in the quest and sandbox mode: 37 US cities offering a wide range of goods and customers are up for selection. The number and company size of up to five AI opponents can also be freely determined.

From this point onwards the player will be free to manage his company according to his own wishes in the sandbox mode, while the quest mode will keep him on his toes with many interesting and challenging tasks and missions that come in addition to the goals he has set for himself.

How about some uplifting tunes to make all this company building go a little bit smoother? In addition to its own country music inspired soundtrack TransRoad: USA offers its players an internet radio plug-in that will give them the opportunity to add their favorite radio stations to the game and thus create the right musical score for their very own trucking adventure.

TransRoad: USA will become available worldwide on November 9, 2017 for 24.99 Euro/24.99 USD/22.99 GBP (RRP).