Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Developer Q&A with Aesir Interactive


Fellow Officers,

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers has officially been out for just a week now! It’s been a whirlwind of a week and we’ve definitely been busy looking at all your great feedback. 

Considering that our PS:PO community has grown a lot within the last few weeks, we thought it’d be a good time to answer some frequently asked questions for players old and new. 

For this, we’ve prepared a little Q&A with the lovely developer team at Aesir Interactive, so that you can not only get a look behind the scenes but also get to know the team behind the game a little better.

Developer Q&A

How has Early Access impacted the development of PS:PO? 

Early Access really changed the development, especially in regard to all the features we implemented. We really listened to you and took all your feedback into consideration - and even changed our development priorities based on that. And that will continue in the future! 

What future content are you most excited to develop (which is on the Trello)?  

For us it is definitely being able to stack charges - we can't wait for that! Finally, we'll charge the criminals accordingly... 

How do you identify what to add to the game next? What is the process?  

It starts with a suggestion from the community, ourselves or from astragon. Then we check how we can pull it off and how it would meet realism the most. After that we check how long it would take us to implement it and if we all agree on the feature, we search for the best possible timing and plan it into our development roadmap. 

What is your favorite district in the game?  

Melting Pot! We really like the Melting Pot district because it is the one with the most diversity in the buildings and in the people.    

How have IRL police officers helped you with your development of the game?  

We're working together with a little team of four police officers from the United States which we can get always contact to receive their advice. We ask them everytime for every feature or change we do or plan to do in the game. 

What’s your favorite feature in the game?  

Definitely the co-op function, everything is more fun with a friend 🙂 

Will there be more callouts in the future?  

Currently our priorities are set to focus on bringing more depth to the game. 

Are you planning on extending multiplayer?  

Unfortunately, we won't be able to extend the Multiplayer due to technical constraints. 

Will crossplay be supported at some point?  

Unfortunately, no, crossplay is a huge technical task and with the current feature plan we are not able to do it. 

Are there plans to add more playable characters?  

Currently that isn't planned. 

Can you give us a sneak peek of what we can expect in Update 8.0.0? 

We think Trello gives you a good overview of what to expect. Make sure to check it out regularly and vote for your features! 

Do you have more questions concerning PS:PO?

Leave them in the comments down below because there’s going to be a live Q&A with Aesir Interactive very soon! 👀 More details to follow. 

Thank you to everyone playing and enjoying the game and of course to the developers at Aesir Interactive! This game is a group effort of all of us combined and we’re very proud of what it’s become and where it’s still going in the future! 

Your Police Simulator Team